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Beefheart - Bat Chain Puller CD
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Beefheart - Bat Chain Puller CD

Item #: ZPCD103
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Here's to the Good Captain. We rest our case.

More coming soon.

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magma2 (8/30/2014)
The real deal. If you have Shiny Beast you don't have Bat Chain Puller. John French finally gets his due. You can only think if Van Vliet had only put aside a little of his massive ego his long association with Frank would have helped him avoid the tragic years and might have actually provided him with the financial rewards he thought he deserved. Maybe it's just hindsight. Regardless, Frank showed his love for his friend throughout his life (see Bongo Fury). I'm so thankful he refused to break up the package and I'm thankful for Gail who has gave us this nearly lost treasure intact. Bat Chain is brilliant and for my money it is the Captain's true masterpiece.
Frank (12/18/2012)
Most wonderful! Thank you Gail!
Terry (11/30/2012)
This is brilliant in all respects.
Great! (10/2/2012)
Oh thank goodness, this is amazing! Production values are great, and the music makes Shiny Beast seem slight in comparison.