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We're baaaaaack! The latest greatest 4tieth Anniversary FZ AudioDocumentary in the project/object Series. Starring Lumpy Gravy & We're Only In It For The Money! And a bunch of oddient audio you never expected. None too little and none too late. Mmmmm. Editation.
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Rusty (9/2/2016)
I was always very fond of Lumpy Gravy; and I know Frank said it was one of his favorites too. And Whenever I pull out We're Only in it for The Money I enjoy it immensely. So why I waited almost ten years to get Lumpy Money I'll never know. First I haven't heard the original Capital version of Gravy for decades. A high school friend had an LP of the Capital version - different label, Zappa in tails on the cover - we though he got ripped off because his version didn't have the words. According to the various web sites this LP never existed - anyone else ever see it? The Lumpy Money CD makes it sound great. And the 80s remixes sounded pretty good too - I disliked the Cruisin remix, but On Gravy and Money I think I now understand that Frank was trying to suit the somewhat crystalline sound of the CD medium - nice to compare and contrast the different mixes. And the third CD is pretty fun - to those who haven't heard it, it has (some of) the recording sessions that were either sampled for Gravy, or the basis of Tracks on Money. Enjoyable to hear them, especially the longer recordings of Gravy pieces. All in all a great value for my entertainment dollar and I've only played it through once so far.
Keith (3/22/2016)
Excellent sound and great collection of music from the Lumpy Gravey We're only in it period. This three Cd set is packed with great Zappa music. nicely packaged with good notes My only compliant the cost of shipping
Totally worth it! (11/12/2015)
Excellent adjunct to the basic releases (We're Only In It for the Money and Lumpy Gravy). That means it's nifty, swell, and keen. If WOIIFTM is your favorite FZ album (like it is mine), you'll love the instrumental versions of the key songs. For the first time, you can hear what's going on underneath the singing, especially on Who Needs the Peace Corps? I've never cared much for Lumpy Gravy, but I like the "instrumental" version presented here a snorkillion times more than the better-known one.