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Frank Zappa - Dance Me This (CD)
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Frank Zappa - Dance Me This (CD)

Item #: ZPCD170
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This is it. #100.
The LAST album by Frank Zappa.
It’s 1993 & YOU ARE HERE!

dance AND me AND this

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Daniel Hoffmann (12/31/2015)
22 years after, and still far away ahead...Thank you for releasing this album.
Marty O (10/31/2015)
The use of the Tuvians on Civilization Phaze III, on the song Dio Fa, is sparse, but truly frightening! Then, upon seeing a video of one of Frank's Margaurita Night Salad Party Soiree at his house with Frank jamming with the Tuvians,The Chiefton's,Johnny Guitar Watson, Terry Bozzio on percussion, is amazing to see, and hopefully will show up as some kind of official re-lease. Then you got Dance Me This!, with the Tuvians opening up even more, an amazing satisfying mix and the best sounding of all the recent Syclavier releases. Frank dedicated quite some time on his percussion pieces as well. It's always a pleasure to take that temporary journey with Frank on his new work, where his mind goes?, nobody knows, and that's the beauty of all Zappa music. I actually played this 5 or 6 times repeatedly upon buying it. You just might do the same!!!!! You may even find yourself dancing in the grotesque form of a squid at the bottom of spew infested waterway or do the dance of a Mutant Sized Industrial Vacuum Cleaner clacking you castanets. A fine Adventurous Release 9/10.
Deadrob! (10/27/2015)
Excellent last project by the maestro himself. Filled with beauty and adventure!!
Javierps (10/27/2015)
Wolf Harbor, Tuvan Throat singing and One of FX last guitar solos. what is not to love? Any true FZ aficionado must have this.
Rich P (10/13/2015)
A little late in ordering this, but well worth it. Looking forward to some more releases!
Darcy Gibson (10/1/2015)
This disc is full of fantastic music! I listened to it three times in a row when it arrived. Calculus is a particularly stellar track.
Zappa At Carnegie Hall A Must Have (10/1/2015)
Dance Me This is an interesting departure for Zappa - as his last recording and knowing that his end was near from cancer, he went out on a limb for this one. And, as any Zappa fan knows, that's how FZ did things - in his own way. It adds a final exclamation point to one of the most illustrious careers in rock ever. Also, this site is the hands-down best I've seen for FZ recordings. eBay and Amazon are so marked up; don't go to those sites for FZ CDs. Go to Barfko Swill; it's the best for FZ stuff! For example - price the Carnegie Hall box set on eBay vs. this site. Nuf said.
Tony (10/1/2015)
Nothing beats touches or even comes close to a Frank Zappa musical product! And Dweezil and company sharing such wonderful music with the world is so great!! I do appreciate the Zappa's continued efforts to bring the most important music to my doorstep and city!!! Also Dweezel's new album is very excellent, I'm enjoying it!
Will Hepple (10/1/2015)
A good album not Zappa's best but still a good album. Important work as it is FVZ' s last studio album.
King Kong (9/20/2015)
Ultimate Zappa's composing on synclavier. Major piece Wolf Harbor, deep into ocean is a clever concept as scene. WH series are vernaculars and my 20 years of zappa music decoding were needed as background. News from Yellow Shark is and will be ever a pleasure, cosmic pleasure indeed and shaman because Zappa taught people like me being shaman into capitalism world. This album is the last mantra from FZ with indeed his crazy powerful sarcastic sens. Composing an album for next years after is a true challenge that only King Rock Zappa could make it. MITB
Stuart Hopkins (9/16/2015)
I adore this cd and thank everyone responsible for producing it.I really appreciate being able to hear what Frank was working on and I think the throat singing is amazing .Again many thanks for releasing this as it is a very important work and I hope that you continue to do so. This CD is for the seasoned listener and I wouldn't recommend it for the first timer IMHO.
Assaf (9/12/2015)
This excellent album clearly embodies the continuity of Zappa's musical vision, the new sound territories he was exploring. It is a unique privilege being able to discover new Frank Zappa music in 2015.
Larry (8/27/2015)
I was more than pleased when I heard about this new Frank Zappa release "Dance Me This". I was even more pleased when I first listened to it. What can I is classic Synclavier works with an opening cut of a warm welcoming guitar. I find it so wonderful that a studio album finally floated up to the surface where we fans can once again revel in the splendor of Mr Zappa's music. I am ever so happy that Mr Zappa's music keeps coming and coming. "Dance Me This" is such a treat to come out during a period of Vault recordings. I would like to thank everyone involved in this release and every release since Mr Zappa's passing. It does keep Mr Zappa's music it certainly deserves to be. Please keep putting out Mr Zappa's music from the Vault...and I hope that "Zappa Plays Zappa" continues doing what they are doing so well. Thank you. -Larry. P.S. Yes a P.S......Is it possible that All the "Beat The Boots" could be re-released? I made a terrible error in my past as I am sure there are many others who made the same, or similar, error. Again...thank you.
joe colone (8/27/2015)
Absolutely fantastic album! Without going into great detail, I felt that this was a very personal album for FZ. Actually found myself tearing up in places. Amazing compositions and brilliant mixing and mastering. I consider this album a gift from FZ :-)
Biagio Coscia (8/27/2015)
What can be said of " Dance Me This " ? I would not know. Frank Zappa is one of the great geniuses in the history of music all the time and as such generates enthusiasm , discussions and doubts . Personally I tend to not consider the value of each of his record, but the complete work . This album is a further step in a wonderful speech and imaginative that has stopped too soon . In " Dance Me This " there are fragments that reach the heart , others that bring restlessness , as usual . The only criticism I would make is to design the cover . Not sure that Zappa would have chosen . But as usual , I could be wrong .