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Frank Zappa - Carnegie Hall (4 CD set)
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Frank Zappa - Carnegie Hall (4 CD set)

Item #: ZPCD102
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Again, in honor of FZ's favorite holiday month. Carnegie Hall (warts & all!!!). Your ticket to 11 October 1971 - 2 Full Shows, 4 CDs! Pumpkins & The Persuasions. Jack your Lanterns!!!

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Craig Wall (10/11/2015)
This is a fantastic show and the guitar solo in King Kong, itself, is worth the price of the CD.
Zappa At Carnegie Hall A Must Have (8/26/2015)
One thinks of Carnegie Hall as a venue for orchestras/symphonies, etc., but when Zappa played there, it was a whole new look and feel for the place. And he tossed in The Persuasions on one CD to make it even more outrageous. The music is Zappa in prime form and the band is tight as ever as Zappa was an exhaustive practice person prior to going on tour. It's one of the top CDs in my Zappa collection and with good reason. Highly recommended. Additionally, I picked up this CD at Barfko Swill for a fraction of the cost of the same on eBay (one is listed for over $100) , so if you're a Zappa head like me, check Barfko Swill FIRST before looking on eBay.
Joe F (8/26/2015)
Having been a Frank fan for decades, it was great to find this gem. It from the period that Flo & Eddie were in the band and it really captures the music and mood of that era. I would highly recommend this for all fans of Frank!
Bryan (8/26/2015)
Awesome 4 CD set. Most amazing performance of Billy the Mountain.