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  • Frank Zappa Plays The Music of Frank Zappa: A Memorial Tribute Digital Download
    Item #: ZPDD15
    Features Frank Zappa's signature guitar compositions.

    Track List:
    1. Black Napkins [Live]
    2. Black Napkins "Zoot Allures" Album Version
    3. Zoot Allures [Live]
    4. Merely A Blues In A [Live]
    5. Zoot Allures "Zoot Allures" Album Version
    6. Watermelon In Easter Hay [Live]
    7. Watermelon In Easter Hay "Joe's Garage" Album Version
    • $15.00
  • Frank Zappa - Everything is Healing Nicely Official Download
    Item #: ZPDD20
    Prequel to the Yellow Shark.
    • $15.00